A Transit of Me

I wanted to do some research on the astrological implications of the upcoming transit of Venus (happening Tuesday). I had a sneaking suspicion that it would bode well for me and my new venture… You’ll never guess what I found here:

“Look at Venus as the feminine principle, so it’s honouring things like intuition, nurturing, cooperation. Hopefully on a global level that’ll be recognised. If you need a boost of any kind, to write that blog, or bring that creative project out, now’s a really good time.”

That’s TOTALLY a sign.

Maybe Tuesday will be a creative boost for all of us unexpressed writers out there. Time to transit, people! Step into your creativity!

Or, at least step in on Tuesday. You’ve got a seven hour window that day to figure it all out. Venus transits a little slower than the moon eclipses, apparently.


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4 thoughts on “A Transit of Me

  1. This was very interesting. Who would know? Good luck in New York and your creative side.


  2. blondecode says:

    I’ve just started to write a blog and I’m a Libra. It’s obviously a sign for me! 🙂


  3. […] Tiffany Tang encourages us to use Venus’ energies in her blog. […]


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