And Away We Go

Gentle Reader,

I am feeling a little bit like Rachel Berry as I leave my friend’s apartment this morning on the Upper West Side and head for Blog World Expo. Despite the threat of wellie-weather all week, it is a PERFECT day in New York. (I may even go so far as to say it is a San Diego day in New York…) All signs point to this conference being a very auspicious venture for me…the transit of Venus, the rainbow I saw from the plane on the flight in, the appearance of Bernadette Peters singing “Unexpected Song” at Musical Mondays… I might as well stick a gold star on my forehead and bust into a show tune as I walk into the Javits Center. It will be so cool to see how this day unfolds. But first…coffee.

Until later, Gentle Reader.


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4 thoughts on “And Away We Go

  1. You saw a rainbow from the sky, I love it. It is a good omen. Have fun today.


  2. John Tessmer says:

    The typical weather of which you write abandoned us for a couple days (at least near the Coast)…. But “June Gloom” seems to be gone for the day; maybe the NEW YORK weather traveled west for this Election Day…. 😉 ~ Bon de chance vers la semaine…!…


  3. Kathi Copeland says:

    Unexpected Song…OMG I used to sing that all the time! I would have been in heaven!


  4. […] a Rachel Berry moment as I pop out of the subway station on 42nd street.  Stop in Starbucks to blog about it.  […]


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