About Tiffany Tang


~ K. I. T. ~

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This is where I’m supposed to say something terribly witty about myself, I’m sure of it.


1.  I’m a writer.

2.  I also like to act on occasion.

3.  Christmas tunes show up in my music playlists on a year-round.

4.  Boats make me seasick. Planes make me claustrophobic. Cars make me narcoleptic. But trains…trains are cool.

5.  Yes, I’m in Mensa. No, I don’t ever attend any events.  (Take the Mensa Workout, if you dare…)

6.  I have recently discovered my immense love for Wes Anderson films.

7.  A past boyfriend once accused me of loving coffee more than him. Oddly, his name was Joe.

8.  I used to think that seahorses were make believe.

9.  I’ve been known to loiter at observatories.

10.  I ran away from preschool when I was four, just to see if I was clever enough to get away with it. I did get away with it, but I also got lost after hopping the school yard fence and the day ended with the cops finding me swimming in a small creek in my underwear. In some weird way, this event has set a metaphorical precedent for the rest of my life.


Tiffany Tang is a writer and actor who currently resides in her hometown of San Diego. She is a storytelling performance coach for So Say We All, the blog writer for Intrepid Shakespeare Company and was recently invited to contribute to the Arts Section of the San Diego Union-Tribune. Her first book, “creepy little death poems” is now available at cool indie bookstores and on very big websites. Alma maters include Mount Holyoke College, The University of Kent in Canterbury, and The Actors Studio Drama School at The New School(photo: Paul Savage)



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3 thoughts on “About Tiffany Tang

  1. My sun sign is Cancer with a Capricorn moon and Leo rising 🙂


  2. Janice Taylor says:

    When I saw your picture in the paper I wondered if that was the little girl who’s grandma brought her to pre-school in Allied Gardens and who decided to explore the canyon while everyone was napping. I actually thought she was ready to run the school given the chance. And yes the police had to be called and lots of people went looking for her. I have fond memories.


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