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“What are you up to, Death?” I ask. Death looks at me.
“Everyone’s writing poetry,” says Death.
“I thought I’d give it a whirl.”

From making cookies with Death to creating a shared Pinterest board, Tiffany Tang brings humor and absurdity to her conversations with this dark, and apparently misunderstood, figure of the afterlife in her first collection of poetry.

Originally created to cope with the onslaught of depression and then developed on a dare during National Poetry Month, these “creepy little death poems” are a testament to the transformative potential of writing, laughter and binge baking.

available at groovy local indie bookstores and
uber giant websites.

Unsolicited reader reviews copied and pasted here for your reference and amusement:

Lorelei, 2/11/14

David Krieger, 2/14/14
David Krieger

Anonymous in Westport, 2/16/14
Anonymous in Westport

Janet S. Tiger, 2/26/14
Janet S. TIger

Jenny Karns, 3/6/14
Jenny Karns

Justine L. Hince, 3/7/14
Justine L. Hince

Irene Sankoff, 3/12/14
Irene Sankoff

ags, 3/16/14

Cristyn Chandler, 3/16/14
Cristyn Chandler

DoubleL, 4/4/14

A. Pfeifer, 4/10/14
A Pfeifer

Maynard Wade, 5/23/14
Maynard Wade

Alison Crane, 6/18/14
Alison Crane

Matt Lewis, 10/14/14
Matt Lewis


3 thoughts on “Books

  1. […] It is quite good and, if you like poetry, creepy poems, Death and the like, I recommend creepy little death poems. Find them at: […]


  2. J.d. Burke says:


    Your poetry is an inspiration Tiffany. The only thing I want to do with art is shine a light on the dark, and find the laughter there. You do this beautifully.


  3. teeetang says:

    Thanks, you guys. I appreciate that.


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